Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cousins & Christmas

Hi everyone, I've been in Tennessee visiting family the past few weeks. My husband & I left early Thanksgiving morning to fly there, and I finally came back home last night after spending an extra few days playing with my grandkids. I had a great time playing Chutes and Ladders, reading stories, going to the zoo, playing and taking a few hundred photos of those rambunctious little ones. Luckily, I'll only show you a few photos today of the Christmas outfits I made for them. I think they turned out pretty darn cute.

As you can see below, my grandsons are sporting their red Christmas ties I made for them, and my granddaughter's outfit included red and white knit leggings, a battenburg top and a red, tulle skirt. Trying to get photos of these three in their outfits was so much fun (er, difficult).  I'd forgotten how fast toddlers can run!

To top the red and white leggings, I also made my granddaughter a little green lace skirt...
a girl just needs a variety of skirts, don't you think?

These three cousins had so much fun together and I had so much fun with them! And now they're all set for Christmas!

xoxo Grandma

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