Monday, March 10, 2014

It's Time for a "Pet Party"

All of my grandchildren (you read that right, ALL of them!) will be in town just in time to help celebrate my second granddaughter's birthday.  We'll actually be celebrating her birthday a tad early but I'm positive she won't complain because this grandmother is planning a party with all her cousins.

I choose the theme for the party to be "pets." I purchased a stuffed puppy or kitten for each child that they can take home. I found all the little stuffed animals for under $1 each. I do love a bargain!  I also designed this Pet Adoption Certificate that I'll give to each of the older grandchildren. You know, you've got to make the pet adoption a done deal! 
Then, my little party goers will need a snack to feed to their pets, so take a look at the treat headers I designed for this party.  You can download the bone accent HERE.  I cut out the bone shape and added them to a 4 1/4" x 5" cardstock, which I folded in half to create a 2 1/8" x 5" header. I also adhered some pet scrapbook paper onto the header.  Then I stapled the header onto a baggie of coco puffs - extremely edible for human consumption.
I also decided that their stuffed animals needed a pet blanket. So using flannel, here's what I made.  If you'd like to make a pet blanket too, follow these simple steps:

  • Cut out two 13 1/2" squares of flannel per blanket.
  • Sew the squares together, turned them right side out.
  • Iron the squares and voila, a soft pet blanket. 
  • An optional step would be to top stitch the blankets at 1/4" from the edge.

And of course we needed a costume component to really make this party shine. So, the last element for this party is a cat mask. I found kits for these masks at Target after Halloween on sale for $1 each.  Why waste my time cutting out all the elements to make a mask when these were all ready to assemble?  I had two of my grandchildren who are here already visiting try on the masks for size.  They fit purr-fecty, don't you think?

I think it'll be pretty wild when all six grandchildren arrive, so I'll post this right now so you can share in the fun.

xoxo Grandma
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