Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dots, Dots, Dots

Black dots, grey dots, lime green dots... this fun dot fabric was a remnant that I purchased last year.  So this year, I've used it to create this summer sundress and a fun accent shirt to wear under the sundress just in case it's a bit chilly.

This is the pattern I used:

When I found this gently used pattern, I hoped the dots would create a cute outfit for my granddaughter.  For 3 months this little darling has been living near me. And sadly, in a few days, she will be traveling back to her home...far, far away.  Keeping that in mind, I created this outfit so it could be layered. 

Layer one is a sundress...perfect for the beach - she lives a couple of blocks from a lovely beach. 

Layer two is a refashioned top that can be worn under the sundress... perfect for a cool evening. Note: My granddaughter didn't like the green top - but wanted to wear one of the tops I refashioned out of a white drapery panel. This little girl has an opinion that's for sure!

Layer three, leggings...perfect for a cooler climate.  If these leggings look familiar it's because you read my blog (thank you).  They were designed to go with the Packy the Elephant Outfit, plus both sundresses were made using the same pattern.  

xoxo Grandma
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