Monday, July 28, 2014

Snazzy Circles Tunic - A Refashion

Ever get sick of the clothes you own? Yeah, we all do. When I bought this cute skirt a while back for my daughter, we both were attracted to the fun black and blue dots on the two fabrics.  Well, she gave it back to me recently... to refashion. I told you before but I love a cute tunic, so of course I turned this snazzy skirt into a snazzy tunic. 

I started with a boring black knit shirt.  After cutting off five inches from the bottom, I proceeded to add the skirt to it to turn it into a tunic.

To determine the width of the skirt, I measured the width of the shirt and added 10 inches to the width.  Using this measurement, I cut that amount from the dotted fabric. Next, I sewed the side seams together so my dotted fabric formed a circle.  I added a gathering stitch to the top of the fabric and gently gathered the fabric to the knit shirt.  After pinning the fabric, I sewed the skirt to the shirt using a stretchy stitch.
If there is enough dot fabric, my daughter has a shirt she's hoping I'll make for her out of the leftover skirt fabric.  So check back next month while she's visiting me with my cute grandchildren to see how I used the rest of this fabric. - xoxo Grandma

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