Thursday, January 22, 2015

Baby Bubble Dress - a Refashion

While visiting my daughter's family, I got the chance to sew a baby bubble dress for my almost eight month old granddaughter and to play along with Project Run and Play's January 2015 sewing challenge and Free for All at Frances Suzanne

I started this project with one of my daughter's old shirts. I really loved the black, ivory and turquoise fabrics, the colors compliment this sweet babies pretty blue eyes, and her delicious chub, perfectly.  

Here's how my creation turned out using Alida Makes tutorial changed up a bit to fit this little chubster (which is what her big brother calls her).  I took a square of lace and cut it into a triangle and added these pieces to the lower sides of the dress.  A trimming look to that thigh area!

I also inserted the elastic at the top of the dress eliminating the extra ruffle.  I didn't have elastic thread to use for the bottom shirring as directed in the tutorial and had no idea how to even find any in the foreign country my daughter lives in so I used 1/2" elastic and made a casing instead and luckily, it worked.  I also added a half circle pocket to the front of the dress to hide a hole in the fabric which is why the top was no longer worn.  My granddaughter hinted that she would like a pocket to keep a toy in...ha ha!

Don't you just love her rolls, blue eyes and red hair?  Yup, she's a cutie and her grandmother kisses her dozens of times a day just knowing it'll be a long time until I get to see her again.  (Sadly, my daughter swears she won't fly half way around the world to come home with her children until it's time for her husband's job to be over.  I understand, honestly I do....I even had a hard time with the long, long flight over here.)

I sure enjoyed refashioning this top into my version of this bubble dress baby style.  I mostly enjoy my time with this little girl's family.   Do you like bubble dresses on babies?  xoxo Grandma

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