Thursday, June 25, 2015

How to Make an Expensive Knock-off Wrap Bracelet for Cheap

I first spotted these beautiful wrap bracelets when I came across a tutorial called DIY Chan Luu Style Bohemian Wrap Bracelet. I got excited about this project thinking that they looked like something my daughter-in-law would like. I purchased the supplies and then spent hours beading a bracelet only to discover that after one time wearing it, the bracelet twisted and the beads moved and the bracelet no longer looked great.  After this happened, I did a little more research and came across a tutorial called Wrap Bracelet by Natalie. I read all the comments and then proceeded to follow her instructions. After beading this new bracelet, I'm happy to report, that Natalie's tutorial is the best method to use to make a wrap bracelet. 

These bracelets are similar to Chan Luu bracelets, and when I first looked into them, I was actually shocked at the retail price... until I made mine and realized that, yes, time is money and they do take a lot of time to thread so many beads onto the leather cording. If you're like me and have more time than money, I strongly suggest that you make your own expensive knock-off bracelet for under $9.00! I made a few different versions below to show you, followed by some simple instructions: 

Their bracelet: $240
Make your own for $8.14.
My knock-off bracelet: 

Supplies needed:

Their bracelet: $170.00 retail
Make your own for $7.58.
My knock-off bracelet:  

Supplies needed:
  • Silver 4mm crystal beads - $5.82 + $1.38 shipping divided by 2 = $3.60
  • Copper crystal beads 4mm - $5.25 free shipping divided by 2 = $2.63
  • Leather cording - $1.00 
  • 1 skein of dark brown embroidery floss - $.35
  • 1 random silver button - free

Make your own for $4.95.
My knock-off bracelet:

Supplies needed:
  • Silver 4mm crystal beads - $5.82 + $1.38 shipping divided by 2 = $3.60
  • Silver leather cording - $1.00 
  • 1 skein of silver embroidery floss - $.35
  • 1 random silver button - free
From the directions listed in the link above, I changed the following steps:
  • I used 2 yards of the leather cording and sewed the beads onto the leather using 3 strands of the embroidery floss that closely matched the color of the leather. 
  • Bead until you have about 6-7 inches of cording left.  This length depends on the width of the button you used.  
  • Knot the leather cord twice, large enough so that your bead with easily go through the know.  You'll want to make at least two knots so that different sizes of wrists can wear the wrap bracelet. (Chan Luu knots their bracelets three times.)

  • Knot the threads at the end of the beading and then worked the threads in reverse back toward the beginning of the bracelet until the threads are almost used up.  Then tie the threads in a square knot and cut the threads close to that knot.
Note:  Since leather is a natural material, it will stretch once the bracelet is worn a few times so make it as snug on your wrist as possible.  
Here's a bracelet my friend made using contrasting thread instead of embroidery floss on her bracelet - Thanks Lindy!
Have fun making your own fabulous and affordable wrap bracelet.  I love, love the silver one and am enjoying wearing it.  Which bracelet do you like best?  xoxo Grandma

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