Monday, March 7, 2016

Layers of White Dress

A white dress is a classic for any little girl.  This layers of white dress was super easy to make and a good way to use up random pieces of white and off white trim.

I started this dress with a basic white tee shirt that I purchased for under four dollars from Walmart.  I cut 3" off the bottom of the tee shirt.  I next ruched the sides by sewing onto the seam 4" of elastic, which I stretched as I sewed it in place.

Then I added some stretchy off white lace around the neckline.  I cut out a 3" by 4" pocket from some leftover white knit tee shirt fabric and added a scrap of off white lace to the top of that pocket.  I then sewed the pocket onto the tee shirt.

Using more leftover lace, I even made her a coordinating headband.

Next, I added layers of white and off white lace to form a skirt around the tee shirt.  

My granddaughter wore this dress on the day her baby sister was blessed in October.  (If you'd like to see the dress her baby sister wore, which of course this Grandma made, go here.) I made the dress a little big, hoping it would fit her this spring.  She's grown up a lot since these photos but it still fits perfectly for an Easter dress.  Happy Easter all! 
xoxo Grandma

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