Thursday, September 8, 2016

How to Make a Spider Costume

A spider costume is just so much fun to wear for any active little boy in your life!  

Download this free spiders arm pattern here.  Make sure your print option, "fit to page" is not checked.  For the hood pattern, I used Butterick #5597.  

Supplies Needed:
Large 3" orange Pom Pom
Black sequins
Red sequins
White sequins
Black fabric
Clear elastic
Black Velcro 
Black thread
Black ready made long sleeve top
Black leggings

1.  Sew together the spider legs leaving the bottom of the pattern open.

2.  Stuff the legs with fiber fill.

3.  Sew the legs onto the black long sleeve top at the sides.

4.  5" from the end of each leg, run a gathering stitch around the width of the legs and then attach the arms together by sewing clear elastic to these areas. Leave about 4" of elastic between each leg.  Do not cut the tread until all the arms have been sewn to the bottom of the long sleeve top.  Tie the elastic thread off securely.

5.  Sew the hood according to the directions on the pattern.  

6.  Onto the eyes, sew the white circle of fabric and then onto the center, the black circle of fabric. 

7.  Sew the eyes together leaving the bottom open.

8.  Stuff the eyes with fiber fill.

9.  To the eyes, sew white sequins in a circle.  Then to the black pupil area sew a circle of red sequins and then around the interior of the eye, sew a circle of black sequins.  Now sew more black sequins to fill in this area.  Onto each sequin, sew a clear bead.  This step will keep the sequins in place.

10.  In the very center of the eye, add one white sequin.

11.  Hand sew the eyes onto the front portion of the hood.
12.  Hot glue or hand sew the orange pom pom in-between the eyes.
13.  Sew together the fangs leaving the bottom open.
14.  Lightly stuff the fangs with fiber fill and hand sew these to the edge of the hood, right below the eyes.

 That's it, your spider costume should be done.  My grandson loved watching his arms move together and the sequins made his eyes glow and shimmer.  Enjoy making costumes!  xoxo Grandma

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