Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Belle's Dress & Her Cape

Right before my granddaughter's third birthday, she requested a Belle dress. My daughter ordered her one online but when it arrived, it was not at all what the product photo showed. I received a pleading phone call from this daughter to see if I'd be willing to help make my granddaughter's birthday wish come true.  

How could I refuse?

After I finished this Belle dress, I was FaceTiming with my daughter to show her how the dress turned out. I told her, "What she really needs is a cape to coordinate with the dress."  Right about then, this cutie - who was supposed to be in bed - waltzes down with a blanket wrapped around her head holding the blanket like it's a cape. We both laughed and my daughter declared that she is constantly making her blanket into a cape. So, the next day, I knew what I needed to do. I designed a Belle cape from two patterns, sewed it and then added to the birthday box. As a bonus, I made a red Belle cape for her little sister. 

Only the finest materials were used to make this dress and cape. Once the bodice was finished I felt it needed some glam, so I hand sewed cut lace and a few yellow sequins onto it. The top tier of the dress was gathered and then I added a yellow, crystal cut bead to accent the top of each of the gathers.

Belle's actual dress is a little different from the dress I made, because my daughter requested a more modest top. To honor her request, I added short sleeves to the bodice.  I like how the dress stays up on her little shoulders. 

If you have a Belle that needs yellow gloves like these, you can find them here.

Doesn't every little girl deserve to be a princess and have pretend parties in her room? I so love my grandchildren and even though I live far away, I can at least give them memories of a grandmother who can help make their wishes come true. Especially on their birthday.

Since I like to plan ahead, I used the leftover fabrics to make these doll clothes for her next birthday.  I'm pretty sure she'll still like princesses then. 

Would anyone you know like these too?  You can find these items at my Etsy shop the fur trimmed doll cape here and Belle's dress and fingerless gloves here.

I've linked my Belle creations to Project Run and Play because it's their week to show what our signature style is. My style, of course, is to make whatever my grandchildren request.  

What's your style? Are the children you know crazy about the new Disney movie, "Beauty and the Beast" and have you seen it yet? xoxo Grandma

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