Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Little Elephant Toy Pattern - FREE Pattern

HERE is a link to the free "Chunky Little Elephant Toy pattern as promised in this post

Instructions to make an elephant toy: 
  • Cut out your elephant pattern pieces as indicated.
  • Sew the gusset to the legs using as small a seam as possible.
  • Sew the body and head to the gusset using as small as seam as possible.
  • Sew 2 sets of ears together. (After the ears are turned, hand stitch a running pattern around the ears.)
  • Turn the sewn piece right-side out.
  • Sew two small black beads onto the elephant's head for his eyes.
  • Stuff your elephant with batting or a poly-fill product, start by putting a little batting at a time into your elephant's trunk. Make your elephant as fat as possible!
  • Sew closed the opening with a few slip stitches
The instructions and photos for making the Chunky Little Elephant's tail is Here .  

Happy elephant herd making!    xoxo Grandma


  1. Tips for making the elephant.

    Tips for this pattern

    1) I used two different materials for the underside of the ears and the belly and put a blanket on the back of the elephant. Overall cute but my trunk turned out awful so I am going to have to remake the elephant and adjust the patter a little. For my first time trying this I am overall pleased.

    2) The legs/abdomen in the photo are way to small. Correct this by placing your elephants facing each other on your leg/abdoment material and then raw an out line from of the elephant from the tail,down to the legs, cross the belly and just slightly below the chin and then curve it out across the front to back like what is show in the photo.

    2) I am new at sewing so I did not know how to piece this together. It took me a a couple of tries before I figured out you need to place your two elephant halves together, then place the leg/abdomen pieces pattern side down on the elephant halves on the outside of each half. Separate the halves and sew the leg /abdomen piece to the elephant from the tail down around to the chin.

    3) place the elephant halves back together, sew from the chin all the way down the butt (sorry grandma I know bad word choice).

    4) Turn your elephant inside out, pull the head through the belly and sew on the ears in the slits. (I kept getting my ears inside out...just could not get my head around what direction everything was going).

    5) stuff your elephant and hand stitch the belly.

    I will post a photo once I get the replacement once made. Honestly, I think once I know what I am doing it will be a real quick sewing project...again...had I not messed up on sewing the trunk it would have been super cute

    1. I cannot get the photo to post of my elephant. It took me three tries but now I understand how to make them it will go faster. He turned out way to cute!! It seriously will only take about 1 - 1 1/2 hours to make the elephants.

  2. What is the percentage of enlargement and how do I first excess the pater n of the diagrams do I try to print of tablet hope for reply Thank You

  3. To access the pattern, click onto the word "HERE". You will be taken to a place that allows you to print out this pattern. You will not need to enlarge the pattern at all. Make sure you click to print as is & do not shrink nor enlarge the pattern.

  4. Hi could I ask what measurements you used?


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