Thursday, April 11, 2013

Whimsical Quilts

Here are four of my whimsical children's quilts, all of these designs are my original creations . 

Bugs in a Tree Quilt

3 Little Kittens Quilt

5 Little Specked Frogs

Butterflies and Flowers Quilt

Which quilt do you like best?  xoxo Grandma


Rob said...

from Lorena: Those are gorgeous!

Amul K said...

All of them are pretty !

Bucharoo said...

They are ALL adorable. I saw the kitten one over at the I'm Crafty Party #41 and had to get a closer look. What a wonderful treat to see all of these!

Unknown said...

Good morning. I love all of the quilts. Where can i get a template of the frogs. I am making a quilt for my cousin.