Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Whimsical little Fairies

Whimsical wee little fairies flew into my hands after twisting pipe cleaners, wrapping satin embroidery floss, sewing felt jackets with beads & tiny, buttons then gluing yarn, silk flowers & leaves onto little wooden beads. Oh and don't forget painting faces with my smallest brush...These magical creatures were inspired by Salley Mavor who is an amazing fabric relief artist.  (Her craft book called, "Felt Wee Folk" teaches you how to make these...just in case you want to make your own.)  I added my personal touch...white feathers... just below their fairy wings because a fairy needs feathers to fly, right?  I like the softness the feathers added to my little fairies.

 FYI, these were fun but a little tedious to create.
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