Monday, August 5, 2013

Puffy Toddler Vests

The idea and pattern for the the first reversible vest comes from this site:

Here are the changes I made to the pattern:
  • Added 1/2" width & length to the pattern pieces.
  • Added two layers of batting instead of one (created a puffy look). 
  • Added a 9" separating zipper instead of the buttons.
  • Sew all layers separately then sew the edges together and turn right side out.                                        
Flannel was used for the fabrics which will be warmer for fall,
 making this vest feel like he's being wrapped in a blanket.  
Right now, my model is really not enjoying this photo shoot!
I found this pattern at Prudent Baby much cooler!
I'm sure my grandson was too hot in these puffy vests but I quickly shot a few photos the night before I left him to fly home.  

I'm hoping...that in a couple of months he'll enjoy being snugly warm wearing his new, unique puffy vests.


AJ Candrian said...

Oh my goodness. These pictures make me swoon over this little boy, and your amazing sewing skills! These are amazing!

Julia C. said...

Your grandson is so very darling! And I love your version of the vest! Zippers are so much easier than buttons on squirmy kids.

Joy Candrian said...

Thank you Julia, I so agree with you about zippers being easier.

Beth Anne said...

This vest is so cute! Much cuter than any other puffy vest patterns I've seen online.. I would love to make some for my boys! I can't seem to find the original pattern/tutorial though. :(

Joy Candrian said...

Beth Anne, thanks, so glad you liked it. I've updated the link, just keep scrolling down to see her tutorial & read the ways I changed the pattern. I'm going to make another puffy vest & will take more photos of how I did this after the smocked dress is done...who knows how long that may take!

Beth Anne said...

Oh, thank you! I can't wait to make these for my boys. :)

feroni2 said...

I love to sew vests) I like your vests/ nice)