Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Little Elephant Toy Pattern - FREE Pattern

HERE is a link to the free "Chunky Little Elephant Toy pattern as promised in this post

Instructions to make an elephant toy: 
  • Cut out your elephant pattern pieces as indicated.
  • Sew the gusset to the legs using as small a seam as possible.
  • Sew the body and head to the gusset using as small as seam as possible.
  • Sew 2 sets of ears together. (After the ears are turned, hand stitch a running pattern around the ears.)
  • Turn the sewn piece right-side out.
  • Sew two small black beads onto the elephant's head for his eyes.
  • Stuff your elephant with batting or a poly-fill product, start by putting a little batting at a time into your elephant's trunk. Make your elephant as fat as possible!
  • Sew closed the opening with a few slip stitches
The instructions and photos for making the Chunky Little Elephant's tail is Here .  

Happy elephant herd making!    xoxo Grandma

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