Thursday, October 31, 2013

Creative Care Bear Costumes

A  friend needed help with her creative Care Bear Costumes.  She had the ideas and I had the sewing know how. Tonight after the trick-or-treating was done, I got an e-mail from her with photos of the costumes I helped her sew. 

A few weeks ago we got together for a four hour sew-a-thon. I taught her how to baste and she sewed on all the "bum" hearts.  We safety pinned giant pom poms onto sweat pants. Now that Halloween is over, these pom poms can be quickly removed and the pants are wearable for every day activities. The tummy images were all created by my friend, Xela.  I handed her my sharp scissors and she cut while I sewed ears in place.  I introduced her to fabric spray adhesive and sent her outside to spray her designs and mount them onto the white felt tummies. All the tummy designs were machine embroidered in place.  

Bear #1, "Nerd Bear"  This second grader loves math...can you tell?

Bear #2: Fry Care Bear - I was told that his favorite food is McDonald's french fries.

Bear #3:  Ice Cream Cone Bear. Xela's second grader thought she should be an ice cream bear & because she's a good mother, she ran with the suggestion. My favorite part of this costume are the ears which were made from fabric her daughter found for her. The fabric had pink hearts.  All the Care Bear ears had soft fleece on one side and a fabric on the other side. Mini pom poms were used as the cherry on top of the cone and cup cake and sprinkles on "Nerd Bear".

It's so fun to help others with their creations. My favorite part was catching up on each other's lives.  

For more creative costume ideas go to this post.  What was your favorite costume you saw last night?

Happy creating!
xoxo Grandma

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