Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cufflinks Tutorial

I wanted cufflinks for the second smocked dress I created.  After searching the internet, I could only find two tutorials on how to make this fashion accessory. 

At the first site, the designer used thread to hold the links together...it was okay but not a professional looking finish. At the second site, Martha Stewart showed how to take two buttons and by using a jump ring the buttons were joined together.  "Great idea", I thought, just the look I wanted. Well, I tried it and I would have needed to use a really large jump ring with the buttons I choice which once joined, looked horribly out of proportion. 

Here's how I solved my design quest:  

You'll need the following supplies:
  • 4 buttons with shanks 
  • 1 1/2" of wire
  • jewelry pliers 
Step 1:  Wrap the wire around the shanks of two buttons, creating an slightly round oval.
That's it!  Such a simple solution.  Do the same with the other two buttons and you've got a set of cufflinks.

A peek at my smocked dress.  It's finally finished & it just needs a model to try it on.  YEA for finished projects!

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