Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sweatshirt Into An Aviator Jacket

This newly finished project has sent me flying high with happiness! Here's a peek at my version of a toddler's aviator jacket. It was made from an upcycled sweatshirt purchased years ago as a souvenir for my daughter; she moved out and left it at home, which means it is fair game to upcycle!

The reason for this project was fairly straight-forward, I suppose: my daughter bought her son the cutest vintage looking aviator hat with goggles for winter (something similar to this). Of course, she suggested I make him a jacket to go along with his hat. This is now his official Halloween costume. The best part is he can wear it any time, not just Halloween.

I also used a child's t-shirt from a thrift store for the back airplane graphic 
This design was used on the back of the jacket.
and an eagle patch from an upcycled hat - gotta have patches on aviator jackets, you know. I purchased about 1/4 a yard of the brown fur and one additional patch. I finished this jacket last week and had to wait for the silver paint to dry so I could add his official flight wings. Then it rained and rained and I didn't get a great photo of it but never fear, on Friday, I shipped off the finished product to St. Louis, where my daughter lives, and my daughter promised she'd send me photos of her little guy in his new jacket. I'm sure he'll look darling. Can't wait to see how it looks on him! Stay tuned!

Happy creating!
xoxo Grandma 

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