Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cute Burp Cloths

Every mother needs burp cloths for all those fun moments when babies do their thing.  I like soft, flannel burp cloths for babies, but one of my daughters prefers how the cloth-diaper burp cloths better absorb all that fun baby slobber. 

While shopping, I found a package of baby washcloths for 25 cents. I love a bargain and I purchased them. Since they are so, so soft and designed to absorb liquid, I decided to try adding them into my burp cloths to help with the absorbency issue. On one burp cloth, I added the washcloth fabric to the decoration and to the middle of the cloth.  I designed another wash cloth onto the back of the design.  As you may remember, my daughter's baby's room theme is Teddy Bears Picnic so I tried to design images that went along with that theme...teddy bears and picnic baskets.

It will be interesting to see what kind of reflexes this newest grand baby has. Just a couple of weeks now and she'll hopefully make her appearance, then we'll know for sure. 

What kind of burp cloths do you like best?
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