Monday, November 18, 2013

The Blues Apron

I found this vintage 1960's apron pattern, Simplicity 3702.  I thought it would be fun to make myself a pretty apron. The fabric used as inspiration for this project was an "interior fabric swatch" - you know, the kind that you look at to decide if you want to have drapes or furniture made out of it, but instead ultimately decide on an apron.

Here's my blues apron: 

This is the third vintage pattern I've used this year. Just like the previous patterns used, the instructions lacked a few steps. When that happens, I think things like, "most women sewed back then and I guess they knew how to do that step".  I'm also flooded with memories from my youth. Where I grew-up, sewing classes started in 8th grade and were part of our "Home Ec" education. We were required to purchase a pattern and fabric and then cut it out and sew it in class.  I have horrible memories of a few things I chose to sew.  (Wish I had a photo to show. I'm sure you'd laugh at my fashion sense (or lack thereof) from back then!)  
During the 1960's my mom's aprons would hang behind our kitchen door on the door jam.  An apron was a must-have for housewives back then because she needed to keep her house dress clean.  Aren't you glad we don't wear house dresses anymore?

What memories do you have of aprons or sewing classes? Would love to hear!
xoxo Grandma

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