Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Long-Legged Santa - FREE Pattern & Tutorial

About 25 years ago,  I made four long-legged skinny Santa toys for my children. Now that all my kids are married, these Santa's have moved into their homes. While at my daughter's house over Thanksgiving weekend, I realized how much my grandchildren loved holding this soft decoration-turned toy.

I've recreated the pattern so you can make him too. He's pretty timeless and a great way to bring holiday cheer into your home. Maybe these skinny-legged Santa toys will become a Christmas heirloom for your family, like the ones I made years ago. Go ahead and download this free pattern HERE and have fun creating memories for your loved ones. The pattern is free and it's my gift to you. (Print the pattern at full image, do not shrink this pattern. The pattern is for your own personal use only.)

Long-Legged Santa Tutorial:  Cut out all pattern pieces.  Sew together the body leaving the bottom open a few inches to turn the fabric right side out.  Next sew together the arms. Turn right side out and stuff all pieces.
Sew together the legs, turn these pieces right side out and then stuff the legs.
Sew the legs closed by turning the seams so they match in the middle. Now sew the legs onto the body with the feet pointed up. Stitch the arms onto the upper torso of the body.
Now for the fun part, the face!  Using a permanent marker or black paint, draw on his eyes and now add a little blush onto his cheeks. (Make sure you make his face on the side with his feet pointing up.)
Lastly, hot glue his hair and beard in place. (For the hair and beard, I used a product from Hobby Lobby called artiste which is 100% wool roving.)  
Sew Santa's clothes - Sew his coat and pants according to the pattern.  a time saving tip is to use fleece for his coat and then you won't have to hem the bottom of the coat or the sleeves. Instead of elastic around the waist of the pants, I folded the top waist 1/4" and hand stitched a running stitch, gathering the waist as I worked my way around the waist band.  The front of his coat can be decorated with buttons and or patches can be basted onto the sleeves. Add a little bit of batting to the thumb of his gloves then place them onto his hands remembering his thumbs should point up.  Add a bell, white cotton ball or button onto the point of Santa's hat. Place his hat onto his head by adding a little glue around the perimeter of the opening.  Now, wrap his scarf around his neck. You did it, he's finished.  Isn't he lovable?

Merry Christmas!  I hope you enjoy this pattern. xoxo Grandma

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