Friday, December 20, 2013

Six Gifts to Make Using a Sock

With Christmas right around the corner, money gets tight this time of year so, why not use what you have to create toys? We all seem to get those stray socks in our laundry room, although I don't get as many as I use to now that my children all live on their own. So, here's what you can do, if you have a sock or two (or ten) hanging around:  
1) PLAY FOOD:  From the tutorial "Play Donuts From Dollar Store Socks." For complete directions to make these donuts visit Inner Child Fun.

2) SOCK PUPPETS:  I've made these several times for three and four-year-old children that I've taught for my church. The children really love sock puppets and somehow, each time I teach this group of children, I always find more socks without mates.

Supplies Needed: 
              • sew-on wobbly eyes
              • feathers
              • socks
              • hot glue 
              • felt in white and red
              • socks 
              • For complete directions, please go to Sew Busy Making Sock Puppets.  
3) DOLL LEOTARD:  Watch this Youtube which shows a young girl turning a sock into a leotard. The only difference in mine vs. hers was I didn't like the raw edges so I hand stitched the socks edges so the leotard had a finished look.

4) DOLL HAT AND MITTENS: for directions on turning a sock into a hat and mittens, go to this post.

5) DOLL TIGHTS: for one of the best tutorials on making a knee sock into tights for an 18" doll, go to Peachy Tuesday.  Here's how my tights turned out.  In retrospect, I should have used a stretchier sock. These tights were super easy to sew but to get them onto the doll, well, that took a little felt like it took more time than it took to sew them up...ha ha!

6) STICK PONY: I use to have a stick pony, did you? This one is made from a sock, felt and a dowel.  It was really easy to make.  Go to THIS POST for a tutorial on how you can make one too.

xoxo Grandma

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