Thursday, January 9, 2014

Newborn Leggings Pattern

Before my darling, newest granddaughter was born, I searched high and low for a pattern for newborn leggings. I had purchased a cute shirt from Baby Gap and didn't want the "standard pink" leggings to go with the top, so I decided to make her coordinating leggings out of a rich olive green color. As you can see in the photos, they turned out pretty cute. 

She was born with her mother's long legs and her father's long torso, resulting in leggings that were a little bit too short, plus the shirt I purchased was too large on this little baby.  At the rate she's growing though, I predict that this second pair of leggings I just finished will fit her about the time the top fits her, so here's hoping that happens.  

If you're looking for a newborn leggings pattern, your search can stop with this post - go ahead here is the pattern to download for free, I'm only requesting that you leave me a comment. Go HERE  as always, do not print "to fit".  May I just add, good luck in guessing the size of the newborn you're sewing for. They come in so many sizes!   xoxo Grandma

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