Sunday, January 19, 2014

Oh Matilda!

"'Melinda, no, it's Matilda, oh whatever!' says her Father." 
Seriously, can you even imagine having that kind of parent that doesn't know your name? Poor Matilda!  This outfit was made for week two of the play-along series of Project Run and Play"Night at the Movies" and was inspired by the movie "Matilda" (If you've never seen this movie, I found the first 10 minutes of this movie here... purely for your entertainment of course). 
My favorite thing about Matilda is that she liked to read and the more she read, the more her mind began to grow.  She was nurtured by books - which is a good reminder to all of us how important it is to read.  So, here's to a Matilda inspired dress with a piece of a lace from a pillowcase inserted into the bodice, long sleeves and white leggings to keep this darling girl warm, because it's still really cold where we live. 

Even her doll wanted to get into the photo with her coordinating outfit - how fun for my pretend Matilda who loved looking at my pop-up books!
Special thanks to my model, who is my darling next door neighbor. xoxo Grandma 

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