Monday, January 27, 2014

Transforming an Old Shirt into a Tunic & Leggings

Week 3 challenge of Project Run and Play is "Repurposing". So repurpose I did, for this toddler outfit, I started with a basic women's long sleeve knit shirt. I used a free tunic pattern, created by Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop called the Brooklyn Frock.

From the sleeves of the women's shirt, I made her snug leggings. I only had to add a waist band and elastic to finish them. Once you look at the photos of the Brooklyn Frock, you'll see that I didn't add the opening or buttons onto the front. Since I used a knit fabric, the fabric was stretchy enough that it easily went over my granddaughter's head...thus making my little shirt way easier. (After I shot theses photos, I even took in the neckline another inch on each side.) 

The best part about making an outfit for a toddler out of an already made shirt is not having to hem the shirt. So if you want to save yourself that step too, make sure you align the bottom of the original shirt's hem with the bottom of your bodice pattern before you cut your shirt out. For the sleeves, I used the basic sleeve pattern, inserted a little heavy lace that I unpicked from another shirt and then added a contrasting fabric ruffle to the bottom which was left over from one of my quilts. 

The pocket is rounded at the bottom and has a giraffe bow that's tied with a brown velvet ribbon which came on a gift.  Thanks Simple Simon and Co. for the bow pocket idea!

No photos of this little girl alone because these photos were taken right after she spent two days with me, while her parents took a much needed trip without their children.  Needless to say, she was tightly hanging onto her mother for dear life upon her was a first for these girls to be apart.  Just so you know, I had a great time babysitting them without their parents around!
xoxo Grandma

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