Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Day of Service

On Saturday, I participated in a wonderful activity.  It was a day of service to benefit a children's hospital, a school for children with disabilities and Hearts Knit Together charities, which provides kits to 16 battered women's shelters.  This activity was organized by my local Relief Society group, which I am a member of.  Women of all ages joined together to complete different projects to benefit our community.

Prior to this day of service, a lot of women sewed together medical dolls and doll hospital gowns, you can get the free patterns to make these here.  Primary Children's Hospital uses these to help children before they have their various surgeries.  Isn't this such a great idea?  I was so touched by this concept for children to have a way to identify with what they're going through. We stuffed the dolls and sewed them closed, then dressed them in their gowns. We stuffed over 100 of them and had a great time doing it.

 We also put together hygiene kits with supplies donated by this tremendous group of women.

This group of women also tied fleece blankets.  This cute girl came and helped too.  

Other women covered and decorated journals for women to record their thoughts. One last activity was to sew the little hearts as seen below.  These hearts will be added to a poem to encourage women who retreat to shelters. 
This day of service was a blast, and reminded me how much I love being involved in meaningful ways to serve those around us.  How do you like getting involved in your communities? xoxo Grandma

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