Friday, February 28, 2014

Butterfly Tunic for a Toddler

While shuffling through my stash of fabric, I came across a light grey fleece.  I thought my granddaughter who is visiting us from a much warmer climate for a few months would like something made out of this cozy fabric. I thought the fabric would feel like a warm blanket snuggling her.  She's a little snuggly girl anyway, which I'm loving especially after she told her mother on Sunday that she wanted Grandma to snuggle her after her nap!  Yea, for grandma time!

After I started sewing the tunic together, I decided just plain grey was kind of boring for a vibrant little girl.  So, I asked her what animal or creature she liked best, so I could add it to the tunic. She instantly declared, "a butterfly!"  So, as any good grandmother would do, I fulfilled her request and added a little butterfly to the front, which gave that boring grey just the right splash of color.  

To complete this warm outfit, I made fuschia and white stripped leggings.  I was given this fuschia and white fabric from one of my favorite coworkers.  It was originally an old t-shirt.  I realized this t-shirt was the perfect combination to go with the tunic. After cutting the t-shirt apart, I was able to make leggings but I had to make the waistband by turning the stripe in the opposite direction from the legs so they would be long enough for her growing legs.

I copied the butterfly pattern so I could share it with you, just in case you want to add one to an outfit for your little one.  You can download the pattern here.

I personally love a tunic with leggings. Do you?  xoxo Grandma
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