Monday, April 14, 2014

Transforming Three Shirts Into an Easter Dress

Week 4 of Project Run and Play theme is "my style".  
My style is to creatively refashion:
This project came about when my daughter emailed me a photo of a dress she wanted me to make her three month old daughter for Easter. It happened to be from a popular children's clothing company called Persnickety. For those of you familiar with the line, you know the unique style I'm talking about (the dress she liked is no longer available, but similar to this style here). So, my creative juices started flowing on how I could make it work. 

While my daughter and granddaughter were home a few weeks ago, I had my daughter go through my stash of fabric and clothing to see what we could use. We came up with three old shirts to make it happen. Then I tried to duplicate the style of the outfit she liked using the three items she selected (as shown above). Here's how it turned out. Pretty cute, if I do say so myself:

My style is to add detail to whatever I make, whether it's embroidery, smocking, applique, or a little vintage lace, as you can see below:

My style is to make sure my grandchildren know their grandma loves them a lot!

I hope you've enjoyed this cutie modeling her Easter finery.
I'm really wishing I could kiss her happy baby cheeks right now...

 But she's thousands of miles away... so, so sad!

The free pattern I used for this dress is the same one I used for the Lace Embellished Dress for a Baby Girl found HERE.

xoxo Grandma

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