Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fish Maxi Dress - Toddler Sized

This toddler-sized maxi dress was refashioned from one of my old dresses. The fish was an applique that I made from a scrap of Hawaiian fabric and accented with a small black bead for it's eye.  It's got a 12-inch zipper in the back and green bias tape around the neck and arm holes.

When I showed this maxi dress to my granddaughter she declared that she liked it, so I happily let her have it.

I finally found a winning dress for this granddaughter.  What constitutes a winning dress?  Well, for a 2 1/2 year old, it's one she wants to wear again and again!   

My granddaughter wore this dress when we had dinner together two weeks ago. She got it dirty and asked if I'd wash it so she could wear this dress to the aquarium in the morning.  Of course, I washed the dress while she was sleeping and put it in the drier right before she woke up.  She was delighted to have her clean, warm fish dress by politely proclaiming, "Oh, thank you grandmother!" She's such a crack-up sometimes. 

After the aquarium trip, my husband and I took our grandchildren to the grocery store &  bought them lunch.  While they ate, I shopped.  For lunch she enjoyed potato wedges and ample amounts of ketchup. Guess what got all over her fish dress?  Yup, the red ketchup.  When I laid her down for her nap, she asked if I could wash her fish dress so she could wear it without the red next to her fish...thank goodness for Clorox Bleach Sticks!  So, while she was sleeping, her new favorite dress was washed once again. You know you've made a winning item when they have plenty of other clothes to wear but choose to wear your creation every time! 

xoxo Grandma

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