Monday, June 30, 2014

Book Centerpieces

If your fridge is anything like mine, you probably have at least a half dozen wedding announcements displayed on it. It is that time of year! With so many weddings scheduled during the summer months, I wanted to share how to put together a classy, yet simple, wedding table centerpiece.   

These book centerpieces were used at one of my daughter's wedding luncheons.
They are so simple to assemble, and give a vintage, yet classy, feel to table decor.
  • Gather two to three books per centerpiece.  
  • Remove all book jackets before assembling, so just the hard cover shows (as shown in photos below). 
  • Wrap book stacks with a piece of netting, lace, and ribbon and tie in a knot around the books.  
  • Under the knot, tuck at least 3 pieces of dried eucalyptus. The eucalyptus will add a nice aroma to these centerpieces.  
  • On some of the stacks of books I hot glued onto the knot a satin rose. On other stacks, I tied a bell, heart or even a miniature decorated lock into the knot of lace/netting/ribbon. 
  • Drape about 18" of white pearl garland on top of the arrangement.

Place the wrapped stack of books on top of doilies. As you can see, these centerpieces are very simple and romantic looking.  I was told by several guests that they enjoyed reading the titles, which provided some fun conversations during the luncheon. Happy wedding planning! 

- xoxo Grandma

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