Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Easy Sewing - Turning a Men's Dress Shirt into a Summer Tunic

When my husband saw this shirt on me, he actually commented and said he liked it. That never happens. It's a miracle!  So, if you like it too, get ready to sew up an easy summer tunic!  It's pretty simple, just follow this step by step tutorial.  You'll want to allow around two hours to complete this project. Not too bad for creating your own shirt, right?


Here's what you'll need to get started:
  1. One men's plain tee shirt - the larger the size the need the length to make it into a tunic.  
  2. One men's dress shirt - unpick one pocket to use on your new shirt.
  3. Thread
  4. Scissors
To determine how long to make the back of your shirt, line up your plain tee shirt on top of the men's dress shirt.  Place a pin along your cutting line or mark with a washable maker.

Don't laugh (or get mad), but at this point, I must have gotten excited to finish this project because I forgot to take the rest of the step by step photos.  But here are the rest of the easy steps:

10.  Sew the side seams together.
11.  Sew the sleeve arm seam together (see step 4)
12.  Pin the sleeve to the arm hole and sew in place.
13.  Using the bias tape you cut in the preparation steps, fold the piece in half and iron the edges into the center.  Now fold the bias tape in half and iron.
14.  Sew this bias tape enclosing the unfinished neckline inside.  

If you have any questions about making this tunic, please leave me a comment and I promise, I'll try to help you.  It's simple and such a cute new top to wear this summer! 
xoxo Grandma

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