Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Gap Knock-off Tie Dress & Ruffle Bloomers - Free Pattern

Isn't this little girl precious? Whenever my daughters request I make something for their little girls, I can't say no. Could you say no to that cute face?

Well, as you know, I love to refashion and I'm so happy to share my pattern to make this Gap knock-off tie-tank and ruffled bloomers with you today! 

My daughters loved the Baby Gap outfit (pictured above) which retailed for around $42 for the two pieces. While I was visiting my youngest daughter and helping her with her newborn baby, she gave me this soft blue Chambray cotton button-up shirt to refashion.  Although the fabric wasn't the dark denim, I thought the style of this outfit would look great in this fabric.
After I came home from the visit, I used this old shirt to make her baby the outfit she requested.  I changed my creation just a bit because that's the fun of creating your own knock-off outfit.

The free pattern I created is sized for a one or two month old baby. FYI: my granddaughter (that little chunk of a baby above) was born at a whopping 9 pounds 4 oz., so this pattern could fit a baby up to three months old - that is, if the baby was born a bit smaller than my granddaughter.  HERE is the free link to that pattern. Feel free to download it and make your own outfit for a fraction of the cost.  If you have a long sleeve shirt like the one pictured, the only cost to make this outfit will be for the thread and elastic.  So, what are you waiting for?! Let's get started.

Supplies needed: thread, elastic, scissors, pins, a tape measure, and one women's button-up shirt.

From the bottom of the shirt's hem, measure 10 1/2" and cut. (This piece becomes the skirt of the dress.)  Apologies, this photo is a little out of focus - oops!
Next, using the pattern, cut out two each the bodice front and back from the upper part of the shirt or the sleeves - one of each will be used as the facing.  Cut out two rectangles, on the bias: 1 1/2" x 8" for the shoulder ties.  

For the diaper cover, I used this free pattern from MADE because it's simple and really a perfect pattern.  You'll just need to cut out a few ruffles.  For my top ruffle I unpicked the collar and sewed the lengths together.  Next, cut out two rectangles that were 2" x 14".  These rectangles were used for extra ruffles on the bum. Follow Made's instructions on making the diaper cover, but before you assemble the pieces, sew on the lower bum ruffles.  Attach the top ruffle right along the top of the diaper cover. The second ruffle needs to be ruffled and sewn at 2 3/8" below the top edge.  The third ruffle needs to be ruffled and then sewn at 4 1/8" below the top edge.  To see how this looks, see the last photo at THIS post.  

NOTE:  All seams are 1/4".

Sew the two bodice pieces together by sewing each of the shoulder seams & iron.  Lay the right sides of the bodice together, matching up the shoulder seams.  Now sew around the neck and the armholes.  Here's the tricky part - turn the sewn bodice inside out and iron. Add a gathering stitch to the skirt and pin onto the bodice only (do not pin to the lining).  The button part of the shirt will be the back of the dress.  Sew the bodice to the skirt & iron.  I like to hand sew the bodice lining to the seam, turning under 1/4" of the unfinished edge.  Top stitch according to the photo below.  

Ties:  Attach small safety pins (to make it easier to turn your fabric) to the top of the two tie fabric, sew together the length of the ties. Turn right side out & iron.  Now tack those ties in place, as shown in the photo below.
Buttonholes:  Because the second to the bottom buttonhole on the original shirt I used was sewn with bright pink thread, I ran with that idea and used a different color of thread for each of the bodice buttonholes.  I also had to add one more buttonhole at the bottom of the dress. Don't forget to recycle the buttons from the top of the original shirt and use these on the bodice.
Diaper cover:

Optional:  If you'd like, unpick the pocket from the original shirt and sew it onto the dress....not that this baby is going to stick her little hands into the pocket but it adds a nice detail.  What do you think? Turned out pretty cute, I'd say. - xoxo Grandma

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