Wednesday, July 9, 2014

More Doll Sandals - From a Wallet & an Eyeglass Case

For Christmas, I gave my husband a new leather wallet.  The other day, his old wallet was in our donation pile.  A little while later, I was cleaning a drawer and found an eyeglass case.  That too was going into my donation piles until inspiration hit me, why not make more doll sandals from these two items?  Do you want to make more doll sandals too? Follow along as I walk you through the steps as pictured above.

  1. Gather together the following supplies:  Leather wallet, eyeglass case, 1/4" wide ribbon, glue sticks, elastic thread, scissors, heavy cardboard, tacky glue and two rhinestone brads.
  2. Trace your dolls feet and cut out a pattern from cardboard, allowing about 1/8" extra to the dolls feet pattern.   You'll need two cardboard pieces per shoe. Use that cardboard to cut out the eyeglass case - remember you'll need a right foot and a left foot so don't forget to flip that pattern over when you cut out your second piece from the eyeglass case.
  3. Use an emery board to sand the sharp edges of edges of the cardboard.  Caution:  you'll want to do this step over a garbage can or outside because it's a little messy!
  4. Measure the arch of the dolls foot to see how much ribbon you'll need per shoe.  Cut the ribbon to size making sure to add at least 1" extra to tuck under the cardboard patterns. You'll also need about 1 1/2" of ribbon for the back of each sandal.  Wrap the size of your doll's ankles with the elastic thread.  Tie a knot to make a circle with the elastic thread.  With this smaller piece of ribbon, wrap one piece of the elastic thread inside the ribbon.  Glue the ribbons in place on both sandals.  Now using the tacky glue, glue on the second cardboard which has been covered with the back side of the eyeglass case.  (Pretend that you're sandwiching the ribbon between the cardboard.)  Until the glue dries, I use binder clips to apply pressure.
  5. Use either hot glue or tacky to attach trim onto the edges of the sandals.  I used some 1/4" rhinestone trim.  Lastly, I added two rhinestones to each outer side of the sandals, directly onto the ribbon.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

      6.  Open the leather wallet.  Using a cardboard pattern (see step 2 and step 3 above, cut 2  pieces of leather per sandal.  Again, do not forget to flip your pattern so you have a right and a left sandal.  If you have a cutting board and rotary cutter these are perfect tools to use to cut all the following pieces: 
  •      Two 1/2" wide straps back straps
  •      Two 1" wide toe straps
  •      Two 1/2" wide strips to cover the edge of the sandals
      7.  Attach the rhinestone brad into the outside toe straps about 1" from the edge of the strap. I used a tack to punch a hole through the strap and then separated the brad on the inside of the sandal.  Glue the other strap in place by trying it on your doll's foot. Glue the toe straps to both sides of the cardboard. Sandwich together another cardboard and apply pressure until the glue dries.

      8.  Using hot glue, attach the leather stripes to the edges of the sandals.
A girl can never have too many sandals - right?  Now, which pair should she wear with her new summer outfit? - xoxo Grandma

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