Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Precious Purse - Fit for a Doll

A girl has to accessorize! Well, this little precious purse is perfect to make for your doll.  I found the free pattern HERE and changed it up a little by adding a fabric flower, whose edges were melted using a candle and embellished with tiny seed beads for the center.  Cut out flowers using THIS free pattern.
1.  Sew together the main purse pieces - leaving a small opening in the bottom of the lining of the purse.
2.  Clip curves.
3.  Turn the right sides of the front of the purse and sew together.
4.  Once the purse is turned, this is what your purse will look like. 

5.  I used book rings that I already had and looped the ribbon over the handles.  In the photo below, I found a scrapbook ring which also works for the handles.
6.  Hand sew the handles by looping the tab piece over the ring.
7.  Sew the flower onto the purse, making sure you only sew the flower to the front side of the purse.
8. For the purse handle, do one of the following:
  • Sew together a piece to 1 1/2"  x 9 1/4"strip of fabric, turn right side out.
  • Sew together 1 1/2" x  9 1/4" of ribbon, sew sides together.  No need to turn the ribbon, it'll look great.
  • Use 1/4" velveteen ribbon 9 1/4" long onto the metal rings.

Add a necklace, bracelet and a lace jacket (as shown in the first photo) and your doll will be set for Fall.

- xoxo Grandma 
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