Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Summer Ramblings and a Few Newborn Creations

It's been a busy summer for me.  I attended a family reunion at the beach and a few weeks later a big high school reunion.  Last week, my husband and I celebrated our 37th anniversary at my favorite coastal town in Oregon.  On top of all these activities, instead of wishing my family was close by, they've actually been around a lot this summer! As you can imagine, I've been enjoying a house full of children and grandchildren.  

At the end of July, my son's family was able to leave the country were they've been living in tumultuous circumstances and come back to America.  This weekend, my son finally gets to leave that same country and join his family here too!  What a relief it will be to this mother's heart to have his family all together in the U.S.  

Later this week, I'll kiss my youngest daughter and her family goodbye as they journey over 6,000 miles away to live for a few years, while her husband serves in the military.  I keep wondering if my children and grandchildren couldn't try living a little closer to us?  Of course, I realize that their oversea adventures just means I have some pretty cool, new places to visit.
This past month, I discovered a few fun things.  One discovery was a great little fabric store in Cannon Beach, Oregon called Center Diamond Fabric, where I purchased two wonderful batik seahorse fabrics - I'm excited to show you these fabrics and make something adorable for my granddaughters out of them!

I also learned that the clothes I make for my newborn grandbabies look much cuter on the babies than on my clothes line.  I know, not much of a surprise with that discovery. Remember the lace shoes I embellished for my granddaughter to coordinate with the lace dress I refashioned?  Here are a few photos of that outfit on this baby girl.  Isn't she precious?

Stay tuned, because I just finished another sundress and the cutest outfit for this little one, so she'll have plenty of outfits to wear in her new home overseas.  I'll post those photos later when my house gets a little quieter!    - xoxo Grandma

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