Friday, September 5, 2014

Blog Hop - Why I Blog and Create

I was recently asked by Gina from Gina's Craft Corner to participate in a blog hop and answer a few questions about my blog. On Saturday my house will be brimming full of my family with the arrival of three more grandchildren.  So let's get to it before things get too busy over here!

Question #1:  What am I working on?
Geesh... what am I not working on?! Let me just share a few of my favorites. On Saturday night I finished a Halloween costume for my oldest granddaughter.  I let her pick out what costume she wanted me to make because she is a very opinionated girl.  When I finished her costume (which was quite challenging because there isn't a pattern on the market for her request), she said, "Grandmother, I still want a Tinkerbell costume too!"  Oh my. Just one costume at a time, please!  I still have three more costumes to make. Thankfully, three of my grandchildren are still babies, so they  need a costume this year.  Did you hear me cheer?  Though, costumes really are my all time favorite thing to create.

I'm also working on outfits for Season 10 of Project Run and Play, and another easy refashion for a baby girl with a tutorial I'll show you soon.  

On Wednesday, I finished six different Christmas tags for a class I was asked to teach to a bunch of women at my church coming up in October.

About a month ago, I cut out several snowmen to sew, they haven't moved since I cut them out.  I'm not in the mood to think about winter just yet.  I'm giving myself another month to sew these because these snowmen will be part of my yearly donation to The Festival of Trees.  Here's a glimpse of the pattern I'm using:

Question #2:  How my work differs from others in my genre? 
Ha ha, do I have a genre?  Well, yes, I do, as a matter of fact. Are there any other grandmothers out there whose children & grandchildren all live far, far away that sew and craft for them and then blog about their experiences?  If so, please let me know because you'll have my empathy. 

Question #3:  Why do I write/create what I do?
I've always been the creative type, even when I was a kid. Now I'm enjoying being a creative grandmother.  I'm lucky because I have eight darling grandchildren.  I feel a little unlucky because they all live so far away.  I create "stuff" for them because it helps me feel like I'm doing something for my family and staying close in some small way. And of course, I visit them to hand deliver their gifts whenever possible.

Why do I write? My daughters encouraged me to share my creations on a blog. They all have blogs they follow and told me my creations would rival the ones they see online. I'm not so sure about that, but I've been having fun sharing what I make anyway. Its more fun to share!  

Question #4:  How does my creative process work?
If I'm making something for my daughters, I simply look at the things they have pinned on Pinterest.  I copy those ideas onto paper & print a copy so I have something to reference as I'm working on my creation.  I'll often sketch out my ideas too - which is where all that art training I got in college comes in handy.

If I sew for my oldest granddaughter, I'm learning it's smart to get her opinion because it'll save me from being disappointed that she won't wear what I've made for her - don't you just love opinionated three year olds?

If any of you who are reading this have other questions, just let me know by commenting below. I'm happy to answer almost anything at all! 

Now it is my turn to ask a talented blogger/artist to answer the same questions. So, here we go. 
Catherine from cathgrace, is an over the top talented woman in so many areas.  I am constantly amazed with her sewing and crafting skills.

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