Thursday, October 30, 2014

Do you want to Sew a Snowman? Doll Outfit Tutorial & Pattern

Do you want to sew a snowman outfit doll size?  After making my grandson's Olaf, snowman costume, I had some white fleece leftover. Using my experience from making his costume, I created a snowman costume and pattern for a doll. Sometimes it's fun to have matching costumes, you know?  If you don't want to sew your own Olaf looking doll outfit, you can purchase one HERE.  You had until November 13th to download this free pattern.
The pattern is available for purchase at xoxo Grandma Etsy shop HERE.  

To make the costume extra cute, make pants from white fleece too and maybe a white shirt that has brown long sleeves.  Oh and what about brown mittens too?  (To make mittens from a sock, see THIS post.) 

I hope you have fun making this snowman costume. If you hadn't already guessed, its supposed to look like the popular Olaf from Frozen. Hopefully you already figured that out though!  Would love to know who downloaded this pattern, so for those who do, please leave a comment.  Thanks!

xoxo Grandma

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