Monday, October 13, 2014

Transforming a Camisole Into a Sunsuit - a Refashion & Tutorial

I know, I know... it's not exactly sunsuit weather anymore. This baby sunsuit is definitely designed for some warmer days.  But rest assured, the little one pictured above is enjoying some pretty sunny weather where she lives. So this suit is perfect for her.  Hopefully some of you reading this are privileged enough to live in that type of climate too.

Right before my daughter's family left to live approximately 6,443 miles away from me, she went through some of the things she was leaving behind. She threw away a couple of old black camisoles, as well as the cute mint sunsuit (pictured below in step one) because her baby girl (the same one pictured above) had grown out of it.  Of course, I thought what can I do with these camisoles she no longer wants?  Knowing my granddaughter would be living were it was warm and humid the majority of the year, a new sunsuit was the most practical answer.

I've now created two of these sunsuits for her. They are quick and easy. They take about an hour each to make. The black and white pictured above is the first one I made.  I added some fun white and black dotted organdy ribbon to decorate the front. The ribbon was purchased from Ribbon Retreat just in case you want some of it too.  

Here's how I transformed a camisole into a onesie:

  1. Lay on top of a camisole a baby sunsuit, putting the top of the sunsuit onto the bottom of the camisole. 
  2. Using the baby sunsuit, (I enlarged the too-small-onesie about an inch in length and an inch in width), cut along the camisole adding approximately 1/4" for the seams.  This image shows how the camisole will look once cut out.
  3. Add ribbon or another trim to embellish the back of the sunsuit along the original hem.
  4. Add gathered ribbon to embellish the front of the sunsuit.  On top of the ribbon, add a smaller ribbon.  Again, I used the original hem for placement of ribbon... no need to measure.
  5. Using 1/4" seams, sew the side seams together.
  6. Pull elastic, the width of your babies chest, through the casing formed by the original hem.  
  7. Sew across the elastic to keep it in place.
  8. Sew double folded seam tape to the armholes on both sides of the sunsuit.
  9. Additional view of step #8.
  10. Sew double folded seam tape to the legs holes, stitching close to the edge of the seam tape.  In the first sunsuit I made, I added elastic into the leg holes casing created by adding the seam tape .
  11. Different view of step #10.
  12. Sew onto both of the top sides 18" of 1 1/2" wide organdy ribbon, tucking towards the back, the raw edges of the ribbon about 3/8" of an inch.
  13. Close-up of what the ribbon looks like once sewn.

Since Halloween is coming, this tutorial features the second sunsuit I made; the black and orange number.  Good thing my package arrived in time for her to wear her new sunsuits this month - right?  I just want to go there and see her smile in person and kiss those cute little cheeks... sigh!   xoxo Grandma

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