Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Purchasing Leather at a Fabulous Price - a Refashion

I wanted real leather to use to make a pair of baby booties but I didn't want to pay a ransom for the good stuff. So, I did what any leather-seeking-bargain-shopper would do. I went to my local thrift store. I happened to find this really nice leather jacket:

This jacket was only $15.00 and the fabulous leather was in perfect shape.  After purchasing this jacket, I took it home and started cutting it apart.  I would have felt perfectly wicked except it was a size 4 and I haven't fit in that size since I was in 7th grade! So no guilt in cutting up this baby! 

I first used the leather to make these booties for my grandson for Christmas using THIS pattern:

And one more pair for my growing granddaughter using THIS same pattern.

Then I made my third thing from this leather: a pair of boots using THIS pattern for my granddaughter.  I changed/improved the pattern by adding some sticky back felt onto the sole area of the boots. Then I added another layer of sticky foam because these boots needed stability and warmth for taking a child outside in this frigid weather we've been having lately.  

Sadly, these boots kept sliding off of her so I had to do a few extra things. As seen in the below photo, I added elastic right at the ankle height stitching the elastic to the seams.

Finally, these boots stayed on her cute little feet. But oh, how I wish I had of known before I sewed them together. That fur was HORRIBLE to unpick! But that leather... oh that leather! So glad I found it!  

If you want to sew with leather, be brave and purchase a leather jacket at a thrift store. Trust me, it'll save you oodles of cash that you would have spent otherwise at a fabric store. Such a fabulous price for leather!   Since you've now splurged on the leather, don't forget to get a leather needle too for your sewing machine. It'll help your sewing go so much smoother.  

xoxo Grandma
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