Thursday, February 12, 2015

Adult Leggings Refashioned into Baby Leggings

Last week was Kids Clothes Week , an event where participants commit to sewing at least one hour every day for a week.  I choose to participate... only with a little twist. I do my sewing everyday but Sunday. And on Saturday, I get in as much sewing as possible and stay up way too late sewing and watching old movies. Well, this time the goal was to recycle, which if you follow my blog, you know is one of my favorite things to do.

The first project I worked on last week was recycling a pair of jean stretch leggings (also known as jeggings) that looked great on my tall, lean daughter. That is, until we went on this roller slide in Okinawa, Japan and she ripped a nice sized hole in the seat of her pants.  She kept saying that these were her favorite pants but the hole was just too big to salvage them for her. So although I couldn't fix them for her, I did what any good mother/grandmother would do...

I cut her leggings into two pairs of baby leggings for her daughter.  For one pair, I retained the original hem and for the other pair I retained as much of the original top of the leggings as possible to fit that adorable baby (pictured above with her mother wearing those once deemed "favorite leggings").

I decided to spruce up one of the pairs of jeggings a bit. So, I used a linen napkin to add a little ruffle to the bottom of the pair of leggings that I retained the original top.  I cut the napkin into 2, two-inch strips. Then I gathered the strips and sewed them onto to the hem of the leggings.  The last part of the refashion was to unpick the pockets and scale them down by cutting off about 1 inch from each side and an inch from the bottom.  I resewed the pockets about 3 inches higher so they'd fit on my granddaughters bum (you gotta cover up those diapers, you know). The thread color I used for this project had to match the existing thread, so when I top stitched it would look like it belonged.  Once that was completed, I sewed the crotch together.  

The second pair of leggings was super easy to sew because I used the original hem and kept this pair simple and basic.  

The end result was being rewarded with two pairs of baby leggings all from one adult pair of leggings. Baby 2, Mom 0.  My daughter could have just thrown these leggings away, but what fun would that have been for me?   xoxo Grandma

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