Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Easy Heart Ribbon Wreath - a Tutorial

Are you a big holiday decor person?  I like my holiday decor to be nice and simple. Simple to make, and simple to decorate (equating to simple to clean up when the holiday is over). With Valentine's Day right around the corner, here's an easy heart ribbon wreath that you can make to spruce up a door or wall.  

There are 7 easy steps to complete this project.  Plan about an hour to make this cute heart ribbon wreath.  You'll need the following supplies to make it:
  • Heart tinsel wreath (I found my wreath at my local dollar store.)
  • Red ribbon 
  • Gold wire cording
  • Heart tinsel
  • Scissors
  • Bowdabra tool (or just really amazing bow making skills)
Now follow along as I show you how easy this wreath is to make:

Step 1:  Fold the cording in half and add the cord wire to the Bowdabra tool.
Step 2:  Add about 2" of red ribbon into both sides of the center of the tool; twisting the ribbon as you add two layers of ribbon loops per side.
Step 3:  Add 6" of red heart tinsel on top of the ribbon.

Step 4:  Remove the ribbon from the Bowdabra tool by lifting the gold cord and looping the ends together.

Step 5:  Pull on the gold cording tightly and loop the cording around the ribbon one more time and tie the cording into a knot.  Repeat the first 5 steps until you have 13 ribbon bundles or stop with just three ribbon bundles for a simpler look.

Step 6:  Tie the ribbon bundles to the back side of the tinsel wreath and twist the ribbon so it looks how you like it.  You can stop at this point for a simpler look or continue to make more of the ribbon bundles for a complete heart.  

Step 7:  Add some of the leftover heart tinsel to the back side of the heart and twist the tinsel together to use as a holder for your wreath.

Making this project is so simple! The wreath would also be fun to use for a wedding or anniversary and could be made from any combination of colors.  

Do you have any special plans for Valentines day? xoxo Grandma

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