Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bonny Bunny - a Softie

This 10 inch stuffed bunny was started over a year ago and has accompanied me (unfinished) on several trips to visit my grandchildren.  When I get bored on long flights, I'll read and often entertain myself by sewing.  This bunny came as a sewing kit called My Little Tagalong, named Bonny Bunny and was designed by Lois Thompson.  Little by little I've been embroidering all the details. I was motivated to finish it a couple weeks ago when I read about "Softie Week" at Sew Mama Sew.  Imagine my delight when I finally finished all the needlework!  On Friday night, I sewed the backing onto this bunny and stuffed it.  With the finishing touches, I incorporated the 10 Tips for Stuffing + Finishing Softies found in THIS post.   

I changed a few things from the original kit, like adding lace into the bottom of the shirt and on the cuffs, instead of sewing satin stitching. 

The kit came with a floral print to use to finish the back of the bunny. I decided that print would look goofy and used white fleece instead, which made this a real softie for a child to snuggle. To keep the back side of the bunny interesting, I hand-stitched a little pom-pom tail.

My last alteration was to add two small mother of pearl buttons to the bunny's shoes. 

On a side note, the directions that came with this kit were HORRIBLE!  Good thing I know how to sew. It certainly made traveling more interesting. 

Do you take sewing projects with you on trips? Would love to see them! xoxo Grandma

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