Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Make a Color Block Maxi Skirt From Tee Shirts

Some of the most comfortable articles of clothing I own are maxi skirts. They're great for traveling, lounging around, or to wear to work... or anywhere. I love them. 

I had a bunch of old t-shirts around my house and decided to turn them into a maxi skirt. So, gather those old t-shirts and let's make you a comfortable maxi skirt! You'll need three shirts to make it happen.

From the two tee shirts you want for the middle and the top layer, cut off the original hems.

Next, pin the bottom layer to the middle layer and then pin the middle layer to the top layer.  Sew those layers together with an overlapping stitch.

After unpicking the cowl neck from the moss green tee shirt, I discovered that this fit around my waist.  I cut two inches off of the narrowest part of the cowl neck to create my waistband.  I didn't need to finish the top of the waistband because it's edge (since it was a cowl neck) was already finished.

After gathering the top layer of the skirt, pin the waistband in place and sew onto the skirt.  You should now have a color block maxi skirt to wear.

This project takes about 1 hour to make... unless you unpick a cowl neck.  Add extra time for that fun chore.  Just for fun, here's a few photos of the tee shirt remains after cutting them up to make this skirt:

As you can see, there's still extra tee shirt fabric to make another project or two.  

I have a simple rule I follow when I sew something for myself: For every new item I make myself for free, I get to buy new shoes. I love the new shoes that I purchased for this skirt! xoxo Grandma

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