Monday, May 4, 2015

How to Make Tutu Pants

Do you have a place you often go to get inspiration for your creations?  My inspiration seems to come from the same places lately. Once again, I recently found inspiration at the dollar store.  It happened when I saw this tutu skirt.  

This granddaughter, pictured below, loves wearing tutu pants! What are tutu pants, you might ask?  Well, they are leggings with a tutu attached. Of course.

Last fall, I made these bright pink tutu pants for her and the fact that she still loves wearing them is an understatement.

She has another pair of black tutu pants that her mom purchased for her, but she wore them so much that there were holes in both knees.  I took those hole-ridden pants and cut the skirt off of the pants and resewed it onto another pair of black leggings. Problem solved.

Knowing she loves these pants, I purchased that dollar store tutu and then bought a pair of leggings from WalMart.  I don't mind telling you I spent a whole $5 per pair to create these granddaughter-pleasing tutu pants.  If you'd like to make some too, here's how I did it:

I unpicked the elastic from the dollar store tutu. Then I added a gathering stitch back onto the tutu. 

I pulled the gathering stitch to adjust the tutu to fit the leggings.  
I then pinned the tutu onto the leggings below the elastic waistband stitches.

I plugged in this stitch into my sewing machine (a large zig zag stitch) and sewed that cheep tutu onto those inexpensive leggings.

After the tutu was attached to the leggings, I pulled out the gathering stitch.

In under 30 minutes, I made one more pair of these tutu pants so she and her cousin would have coordinating tutu pants.  I must say, after I gave these to my granddaughters, I had two very happy girls in their simple tutu pants dancing and playing!  My oldest granddaughter even wore hers to the beach.  

Give this technique a try, I'm sure you know a little girl who would love wearing tutu pants too!  xoxo Grandma

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