Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Transform Your Old Sandals

Do you own sandals that you hardly ever wear, but you just can't bring yourself to throw them away? If you do, this post is for you. While putting away my winter shoes and pulling out my summer ones, I came across a pair of sandals that I've had for several years.  They are super comfortable for my wide feet but I hardly ever wear them because of the colors in the fabric.  

I've been wanting to try this project ever since I saw this post but I'm not a big fan of regular flip flops.  So the "bones" of these sandals was perfect for this transformation.  First, I gathered together these supplies:

  • 7/8" ribbon (other widths can be used)
  • a variety of shell beads (mine were upcycled from a shell belt & necklaces)
  • clear seed beads
  • pearlized beads 6mm
  • thread
  • needle
  • pins
  • strong epoxy glue like E6000
And I proceeded to transform my sandals like this:

I took the end of the ribbon and tucked it into the bottom of the strap. Add a little glue to the ribbon's end or pin this in place. Then I started to wrap that ribbon around the strap until I got to the toe strap.  I wrapped it once around the other side and then looped it back to wrap the toe area.

Then I wrapped the ribbon back and forth over the middle area.  Once that was done, I added a bit of glue to the end of the ribbon. 

Then I add seashells, seed beads and pearlized beads.  For one sandal I glued all the accents on ahead of time, and for the other I simply started sewing these elements on as I went.  The nice thing about using this type of sandal was that the straps were all fabric, making it was easy to sew right through those straps. 

I'm quite happy with the new look from my old sandals. Try transforming an old pair of sandals yourself and see what new look you can create! xoxo Grandma

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