Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fairy Named Locations

Skye Fairy Pools, Scotland - photos copyright by Lindy Minert 
This summer, take your children or grandchildren on a hike or enjoy a peaceful walk to one of these "fairy" named locations throughout the world:

Locations in the United States:
Alabama:  Fairy Alley in Hueytown 
California: Fairy Falls or Pixie Woods Amusement Park
Colorado: Fairy CavesFairy Gardens and Fairy Hills
Connecticut: Nature Walk with 100 fairy houses and Fairy Lake
Georgia: Fairyland Elementary in the town of Lookout Mountain 
Idaho: Fairy Gardens
Illinois:  Fairy Festival in South Eljin
Indiana: Enchanted Fairy Trail
Maryland: Faerie Festival
Minnesota: Fairy Lake in Sauk Centre
Mississippi, Fairy Lane in Vicksburg
Missouri: Fairy Cave Lane in Mark Twain National Forest
Montana: Fairy Lake
Nevada:  Fairy Falls and Dry Creek Loop
New Hampshire: Fairy Houses Day
New Jersey:  Fairy Lake in Hudson County
New York: Fairy Trail and Fairy House Tour
Ohio: Fairy Lane in Carlisle
Oregon: Fairy Falls
Pennsylvania: Fairy Festival 2015
Tennessee: Fairyland Caverns
Texas: Fairy Homes in Zilker Botanical Gardens
Utah: Fairy Forest and Fairyland Trail in Bryce Canyon National Park
Vermont: Fairy House Festival
Virginia: Fairy Stone State Park
Washington: Fairy Falls and Fairy Bakery
Wisconsin: Fairy Springs Road in Hilbert
Wyoming: Fairy Falls and Fairyland Basin in Yellowstone National Park
International Locations: Australia: Port Fairy
Canada: Fairyhill, Saskatchewan
China: Fairy Bridge
Jamaica: Fairy Hill
Ireland: Templemore Park Fairy Trail
New Zealand: Fairy Falls
Scotland: Fairy GlenThe Fairy Knoll, Fairy Pools & The Fairy Bridge 
Turkey: Fairy Chimneys
Vietnam: Mui Ne Fairy Stream

You could also go for a drive or take a bike ride down a road with an enchanted name.  For a list with places in the United States to go HERE.  xoxo Grandma

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