Monday, August 24, 2015

Cinderella Pajamas

While this sweet granddaughter of mine was at my house recently, she asked me to make her new summer pajamas.  I took her shopping at a local thrift store and she found this pink Disney "one size fits all," brand-new looking tee shirt.  I laughed to think that this tee shirt was really designed to fit any size person. Of course, it didn't fit my granddaughter but she was excited with the Cinderella image.  She loves princess things and everything pink, so refashioning this $3 gem was a must.

I used one of her tee shirts as a pattern to scale down the neckline of this over-sized pink princess gem.  Then I cut off the hem barely above the stitching. Next, I cut off five inches from the bottom of the tee shirt and folded that fabric over to create the bottom ruffle.  I added a gathering stitch to the folded fabric and gathered away.  Then I pinned the ruffle to the bottom of the tee shirt and sewed it in place.

About an hour later, I had one happy princess-clad child ready for bed.

After her bath, we read a story and then she got one of her "friends" ready for bed too. She traveled with a whole backpack full of "friends" because they all wanted to come on her airplane ride with her, of course. 

Sadly, this cutie and her siblings are back at their house now.  My husband and I agreed that our house is too quiet without them. Hopefully she'll remember the fun time she had at her grandma's house every time she wears her new pajamas. Here's to a quiet week at my house. xoxo Grandma

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