Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Create a Purse from a Doily and Jeans

This week I signed myself up to join the refashioning challenge at The Renegade Seamstress. The challenge was to create a purse, bag or clutch out of something else.  Since I've been meaning to make something out of this "unfinished" doily edged napkin that got handed over to me, I decided this was the perfect time to test out my purse making skills.

For my purse, I refashioned that lovely doily and some brown jeans. I started my refashion by cutting the doily in half and cutting up the jeans using a free pattern called Madeleine Bag, designed by imagine gnats

I added two interior pockets by unpicking the pockets from the jeans and sewing them onto each side of the interior lining. 

My personal favorite "new thing" I added to this purse was the magnetic closure. When I purchased the magnetic closure and opened the packaging, I had a hard time understand the directions.  Finally, it donned on me that there were two closures magnetically hooked together in the package (even though the package didn’t state that little detail), a light came on inside my head and wow, it was so easy to add this cool hardware to my bag!

Check out the other bag refashions over at Renegade Seamstress.  The best thing about using this purse pattern was that it is such a super easy sew! Although a note about the super easy sew, I was sewing late at night (as I often do) and sewed one of the fronts correctly and the other inside out…and I sewed them together with the intent that they would never fall apart. Needless to say, the unpicking step was horrible!  In the end, I fixed my mistake and love how this turned out! If you're up for this challenge, let me know how your purse turns out. I'd love to hear!  xoxo Grandma

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