Friday, October 9, 2015

Dress Into a Romper in 30 Minutes or Less

This sweet little butterfly dress was a hand-me-down from a cousin.  When my daughter asked me to make this little girl some rompers, I remembered seeing a post on turning a dress into a romper at Make It & Love It. I wanted to try my hand at doing the same thing.  The only problem was, I don't own one of those snap attachment tools that you need and didn't want to buy one. I really don't want anymore stuff!  Never fret!  I figured out how to make it without one!  So this tutorial will show you how to make a romper in 30 minutes or less without that tool. 

First you'll cut a semi-circle from the middle bottom of the dress.  Then you'll want to add the ruffle to the legs.  If the hem is wide enough (this one wasn't), simply add elastic the width of the calf plus 1" into the existing hem.  If your hem was only clean finished like this dress, add a casing around an inch above the hem by sewing bias tape, then add the elastic and you'll have cute ruffled legs.

Now, in place of that little snap attachment tool you'll need to purchase some snap tape.  Snap tape is simply tape with the snaps already in place.  How convenient, right?  All I did was finish the edge of the cut semi circle and then sewed the snap tape to that edge.  Make sure the snap tape edges line up so the bottom will snap together properly.  

And that's it. Really. That's it. Pretty simple, eh? Yea for super easy projects!

That's really all there is to this refashion.  In 30 minutes, I had this cute romper to take my granddaughter.  Two weeks my husband and I headed overseas to visit this adorable girl and her family. I got in some grandkid time, and she got some cute new clothes. Win, win.   

Enjoy this simple project!  And if it also leads you somewhere exotic to drop off your finished product, then I'd definitely love to hear about it.  xoxo Grandma

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