Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Autumn Overalls - a Refashion

These autumn overalls started with a pair of adult jeans, which I could have sworn I took a "before" photo of, but imagine with me coral women's skinny jeans.  I took those skinny jeans and turned them into warm looking autumn overalls, perfect for a toddler.

These jeans once belonged to this little girl's mother (my daughter).  While I was at her house, helping with her new baby, I consulted with my daughter about using these old jeans to make these darling overalls.  I even took my daughter fabric shopping and she found this black and white plaid shirting flannel to use as a compliment to the coral jean fabric.

I first unpicked the original pants back pockets and scaled those down to fit a toddler.  For the pattern, I used a pair of my granddaughter's jeans and then laid them on top of those old skinny jeans and cut away.  One portion of the original waistband was used for her waistband in the back of the overalls. The rest of the waistband was turned into the straps.  The bib was formed by opening up an inside seam and centering the bib so that the middle of the outside seam was in the middle of the bib.  

I used this wonderful flannel fabric for pant cuffs, pockets, and to line the bib and the straps.

I made the mistake of adding elastic to the back of the overalls and then sewed a stitch up the middle of the elastic.  When these overalls came off my granddaughter, I confiscated them, pulled out my seam ripper, and ripped that mistake away.  They look so much better without that seam and the elastic.

I foresee that these overalls will be perfect for autumn and maybe into winter or until she becomes potty trained and has to learn to unbutton these straps herself! Didn't they turn out so cute?  xoxo Grandma

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