Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fall Raglan Sleeve Dresses

I've had these fall knit dresses sewn for a while, but I was waiting for these cute girls, pictured above, to come to grandma's house to see if they fit.  Last week, after an all day drive, the wait was finally over.  These cute sisters got to come to visit their grandparents.  Big cheer for grandchildren visits!!! 

After a little alterations to the necklines, these dresses are now ready to wear when the weather turns to fall and the temperatures cool down.  As you can see, my older granddaughter is barefoot, so the weather isn't quite there yet.

The grey knit fabric used in both dresses tone the peach and the mint accent colors down and create a casual, comfortable dress for fall.  I used a basic raglan shirt pattern which I lengthened and then added a rounded pocket for their hands or little treasures.

These cute sisters had a hard time holding still for the camera.  What did we expect from a one and two year old?  I suggested giving them a book and apparently this book is a good one.  xoxo Grandma

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